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In Development (Partial List)

"Untitled Timothy McVeigh Project"

Starring Molly Shannon, Paul Resier, Missi Pyle, Stephen Root, Yeardley Smith, Annie Golden and introducing Tim Boardman. Directed by Nathan Adloff.


After discovering his recently deceased father had squandered his tuition fund in an illicit affair, a young gay man desperate to get out of his small Illinois farming town joins the girls volleyball team to win a college scholarship.


In Post Production

"Get Gomez"

Directed by Lauralee Bell.


2013 Emmy Winner. "mI promise" follows Riley on her 16th birthday, full of life and wonder, on the cusp of first love and first car to making unwise decisions to text and drive and the dire consiquences that can have on the life of everyone around you.


Available Now -


Starring Ian Harding ('Pretty Little Liars'), Evanna Lynch ("Harry Potter"). Carol Kane ("Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", "Annie Hall"), Brendan Sexton III ("The Killing"), Leo Fitzpatrick ("The Wire"). Directed by Tate Steinsiek.


In 1968, New York City, Max Bornstein had the wit, looks and charm that would carry him beyond the typical man's troubles. He was untouchable... Yet the typical man's troubles were the least of Max's worries: He was a full-time dope fiend and a part-time father working within the underground, highly illegal pornography industry.

"Paper Spiders" 

Starring Frances Fisher ("Titanic"), Steve Howey ("Shameless", "Reba"), Annaleigh Ashford ("Masters of Sex") and Jen Ponton. Written by Jessica Blau and Stacey Thal.


When Franny woke up this morning it was another day full of possibilities to have all her dreams come true.   Her optimism can’t be silenced even when Rick takes her hostage while robbing a bank.  He is, after all, the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen in real life.  Can she survive love-on-the-run with a bank robber and will her dreams come true?


Sold to Tricoast Worldwide for International Sales. 2015 release planned.

"As Sick as They Made Us"


Produced the music video for Billbaord Top 10 artist Meghan Trainor after her wildly successful "All About That Bass". "Title" is the name of the song, as well as the album. 


Anthony Pham directed. 


Video to be released in late 2015.

"The Invisible Boy"

Starring Thora Birch, Brittany Snow, Christine Lahti, David Rasche, Michael Urie, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Tobias Segal. Directed by Ash Christian.


A dark comedy about an off-beat family of New Yorkers who must come to terms with their dysfunctional behavior and misgivings about life, relationships, and love. The Petunia family is made up of Charlie, Adrian and Michael and their meddling psychoanalyst parents. Michael and his wife Vivan deal with a surprise pregnancy while Adrian finds himself with a case of sex-addiction. Charlie is in love with George, who is in a polyamorous relationship with fitness fanatic Robin, while parents Felicia and Percy must decide whether to reignite the spark in their relationship or start all over again. Petunia is a film about a family that learns how to love themselves while loving each other (a little too much).


"Homos, Or Everyone Else in America"

Starring Jennifer Coolidge, Heather Matarazzo, Leslie Jordan, John Waters, Deborah Theaker and introducing Ryan Boggus. Directed by Ash Christian.


Mangus Spedgwick has had one dream his whole life... He wants to be Jesus - in his high school's annual production of "Jesus Christ Spectacular", that is. When unforeseen circumstances strike, Mangus loses the role, which was a Spedgewick family tradition. Will he get to be their towns first crippled Jesus? Not without a hard fight, a road trip and breaking the law a few times along the way.


Available Now.

"Lie Without Sin"

Starring Ash Christian, Ashley Fink, Robin DeJesus, Jonathan Caouette, Ellen Albertini Dow. Directed by Ash Christian.


Fat Girls is an original off-beat comedy feature. It focuses on Rodney Miller, not your typical Texas high school student...he is a theater lover and his ultimate dream is to be on Broadway. Awkward and shy, he doesn't have many people to talk to in his small Texas town that understand him. He ends up finding what he was looking for in his theater teacher, Mr. Cox.


Winner of the Outstanding Emerging Talent Award at Outfest LA.

"Funny Pages"

Starring Tyler Ross, Natalie West, Conor McCahill and Gaby Hoffmann. Directed by Nathan Adloff.


Nate is nineteen. Margaret is fifty-two. Their odd, quirky, totally working friendship gets rattled when Nate gets his first boyfriend, who drives him away from Margaret as she tries to pursue a life as a stand-up comedian.


"A smart, observant movie about two very particular people" - Roger Ebert


Available now.


Starring Annabella Scoirra, Nathan Darrow, Tammy Blanchard, Jenn Liu. Directed by Devon Gummersall, Written by Jenn Liu.


Eve has married the man of her dreams but when they return to live in the house willed to him by his first wife who died under horrific circumstances, it becomes a waking nightmare as Eve falls into a spiral of suspicion and madness.

"Devil's Breath"

Winner - 3 Tony Awards, Pulitzer Prize for Drama


A rock musical with book and lyrics by Brian Yorkeyand music by Tom Kitt. Its story concerns a mother who struggles with worsening bipolar disorderand the effect that her illness and the attempts to alleviate it have on her family. The musical also addresses such issues as grieving a loss, suicide, drug abuse, ethics in modern psychiatry, and the underbelly of suburban life.


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